I’m a Real Appalachian Trail Hiker

Hi, loves!  This post will be short and sweet because I’m going to shamelessly beg for your help . . .

I wrote an essay that was accepted for submission into a contest on the Appalachian Trail!  It was about that, cough cough, embarrassing Grayson Highlands hike that you may have read earlier in my blog post.  This is where I need your help though: In order to win this AT contest, I have to rack up as many votes as possible so it would mean the world to me if you could vote for my essay called “The Story That Probably Shouldn’t Be Told.”  The story has the below picture of Andy and me.  In honesty, I’m super excited to even get accepted with the community of AT hikers (you have no idea how excited I am by this!), but getting your voting-help would make this even more incredible!

Here’s how to vote:
–Click this MyATStory contest link
–Then fill out the bit to check for my essay
And last shameless ploy for help: You can vote every twenty-four hours so the more votes, the more I’m sending hugs and kisses your way! Voting ends February 12!
As always, thank you so very much for stopping by my site and now help! xoxo

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Hi there! I am the impulsive do-er, the jumper, the one tugging to move past comfort zones to embrace a life of sheer surprise. I am a writer -- a pursuer of stories -- because I believe in the destination over the journey. I am a chaser of sunrises and sunsets and cherisher of the moments between. I have an overwhelming curiosity, an insatiable desire travel, and an obsessive yearn to turn dreams into realities. For all of these reasons, the word that best summarizes who I am is "seeker" -- I am forever a seeker.

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