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Hi, friends!

If you are someone that reads my posts or/and follows my site, I cannot thank you enough . . .

My blog began almost a decade ago, which is crazy to remember this fact and reflect back to that time.  It was when I had recently graduated from college, got my first full-time job in the TV news industry, and then got married.  Here, I began blogging as a way to document my life.  It was and always will be a blog primarily for myself — almost as an online dairy — which is why it still surprises me that people care, that people are interested in what I have to say.

At the time I decided to be a blogger, I was interested in cooking — I was after all a new wife with a desire to understand the culinary arts — and so I chose the site and domain name Acquiring a Taste.   I had a feeling my writing would seep out and span into more than cooking but at the time, I wasn’t sure where I would go so I figured that name could pass for more in the future.  Sure enough, I worked my way through a cookbook, learning not only how to create amazing meals but also understand scientific reasons behind cooking.  It was here my writing spread — from releasing secrets on what it was like to be married and divorced to sharing my fears after my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, I opened all on this blog.  And people, maybe you, read it.  And I guess I simply want you to know that you gave me support, a comfort outside of myself — a feeling of strength I didn’t know existed.  So this is also why I thank you.

Looking ahead, so much has changed — I have a new job, I’m engaged, and I take every possible opportunity to seek different places, experience other cultures, get lost in parts of the world my fiance and I have not yet explored.  We have learned through the past and present and what we see in the future that home does not have an address where mail is delivered.  No, instead home is aura of sorts that lives — for us — in each other.  And so we are seeking more from life than what society dictates, more than what is “supposed” to be done.  We are and will continue to seek more . . .

So this, my friends, is a long story to say that my blog is in the process of being revamped.  My site name and domain name will be changing, along with tweaks to the appearance and organization too.  There are also many posts coming, including ones on:

  • My summer stay in England and, while there…
  • The most challenging, terrifying hike
  • Along with other (more subdued) hikes.

It’s strange to admit this but it’s scary to have another name online: I’ve been Acquiring a Taste for almost ten years so it seems I’m almost shedding a portion of myself, becoming something new.  But what I’ve learned from my past is that “new” and that fear of the unknown — It’s absolutely worth the jump . . . so here goes . . .

As always, thanks for listening and be on the look-out for more xoxox

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    1. I’m not sure what you mean? The amount of domains one has speaks nothing on how it feels to lose one’s first domain name. Further, I wouldn’t classify any of what I discussed — revamping a site and altering aspects to reflect how much I’ve changed — to what you’ve brought up — owning several domains — as “problems” so I’m a bit confused at what you intended.

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