A Thank You to You, My Readers

Hi, y’all!  I wanted to write a quick post to let you know what I’ve been working on and what you can expect soon.

First, I am still blogging and blogging about hikes!  I took a brief break from writing these posts as I’ve been super busy this summer writing my novel. (Eee! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever openly admitted to strangers I’m doing this!) I’m both excited and nervous about this as it has been a goal of mine for years. True, I’ve started it much earlier than now and also true, each summer I hope to finish my rough draft. However, every time the summer comes, I’ve being pulled in different directions and told my time needed to be used in other ways. Because of this, I started June off with one plan: A promise to myself to stay positively consumed in my writing venture.  I refuse to do anything work-related (heck, I’m not getting paid for it anyway) and I am striving to get better at saying “No” to plans (this is hard for me though because I truly do want to be in many of these places).  So far it has been working — I’ve been able to get in many many hours of writing (several times I have been so excitedly focused that I’ve stayed up until 4am only to wake again at 6am and keep going). Let’s celebrate this though!

Onto the next topic, I do realize it isn’t healthy to be a recluse so I have also stolen bits of time for other activities, ones I’ll share with you soon too. On that topic, here are the posts you can expect in the future:

  • More hikes, including the next one which is now one of my favorite trails thus far
  • Travels and trips: Some are close like kayaking down the James River; some, further stays in New York and Ohio; and others set to happen soon (a kayaking and camping trip around a Vancouver island to see humpbacks and orcas!)
  • A multiple sclerosis infusion update
  • One big — and I mean big — bit of news (which, I promised Andrew I would not tell early!)

In the end, I wanted to write a thank you to you, reader. I’ve said before that this site started as an almost personal diary for myself — a way to track what was going on in my life, a way to have a digital scrapbook. However, I have learned much along the way — I’m constantly reminded of the important of getting outside and the need to protect nature, and I’ve learned the power in knowing you are not alone and you should not give up if you have multiple sclerosis or are involved with someone that is. This is why I want to keep blogging now — I have hope that my words can help others.

In the end, I’ve felt humbled and amazed to learn how far my little blog has spread. It notifies me of readers’ countries (nothing more personal, promise!) so in the last ninety days, I’ve be able to see views from the places I don’t know people, places I would never expect: Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, and Uruguay. To know all of you reading and to know more people are choosing to follow my blog — I’m honored and excited. Feel free to leave a note below too — Say hi, tell me where you’re located, and let me know what ventures you are up to!  Share your blog there too if you have one because I’d love to pop in and read it!  But overall, this was a massive thank you for your support. Reader, you mean the world to me!

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