Answers, Part II

It has been three years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In the beginning, people and articles said, “Things would make more sense soon.” This filled me with more anxiety. What “things”? When was “soon”? It seemed to be a riddled threat, one I could not figure out… until now. I realize I was looking at it all wrong. The articles and people meant things — the ticking time bomb — had already gone off and that I would get answers as to why soon, now.

What I Can Rely On

This year marks a decade of me standing by my team. And that’s pretty special, pretty huge for me. But it’s not just me standing by the Red Sox; my team has stood by me. In each game of those ten years, they’ve made me want to gain more baseball knowledge than the previous year. It’s here the Red Sox taught me the most important lesson, too: Baseball is a symbol, standing for something larger. Baseball is not “just a sport.” Baseball is life.

Back to Reality

It’s strange because sometimes when I talk about MS in person, I feel furthest from people. Yet, here — with the light of my computer screen — I feel like I have someone with me. I’m not judged. I’m not told I’m wrong or right… or how I should act or what to think. I’m not told anything. I’m just given a space. A space to think. And I believe when one can delve into their own thoughts — be allowed to fully think — that person is never alone.


I took to the internet for the first time to research multiple sclerosis. So it is here, on my blog, I have a stress reliever, a different form of a scrapbook, a way to record major information (mainly MS details). I also truly want to share my research with someone newly diagnosed… or someone who knows a person newly diagnosed. Information can be overwhelming, but hopefully, it will be more brief and not as scary here.

Married Life

This past Tuesday marked James’ and my four-month wedding anniversary. Four months… meaning almost a half a year together! Half a YEAR! So many aspects in my life have changed. The way I think. The way I act. How I feel. Our present and future, colliding into one large bubbling-over life together. Married life. And it’s all so completely, wonderfully overwhelming.


Again, again, again, again… and again. Five times. That’s how many times James and I had problems with our health solely in the month of May. In fact, there were so many health fiascos, I started keeping a list in my head.