Coronavirus and Multiple Sclerosis

To say there is a virus, that decisions are made that do not make the most sense, that the world seems to be crumbling around us, and that life is hard — sure, we are all experiencing this. However, if we pause to focus on the positives, there are also parts of life that are super rewarding, incredibly beautiful and these are the parts I’m holding onto.  

Mirrors Don’t Lie

Mirrors show what we will call our imperfections, our flaws. Mirrors allow us a way to look — face-forward — at the truth, to examine ourselves, to witness ourselves change. So my mirror — Is that the truth? Or is that showing the truth of what I fear? Or is there even a difference?


I wanted to keep a log for myself of what has been happening with my health. I want to encourage society to stop this insane bs of comparing weight. And I want to give someone insight on my treatment therapy in hopes of helping him or her.