The Peak District, England

I confess, this day was my favorite.  While Andy was showering, I snuck into the kitchen to talk to his dad and ask about his plans for the day.  It seemed Andy and I were constantly in motion and kept missing time to spend with his family.  Luckily, I was able to convince his dad to set off with us so when Andy was ready to go, I slyly told him he was allowed to come out with his father and me.  Then the three of us packed into the car and took to the road!


This day was full of the Peak District, which meant I had my heart’s fill of the gorgeous land . . .
IMG_0327.JPGimg_0333This above picture is Stanage Edge, a popular spot for climbing and walking.  It is also home to a scene from Pride and Prejudice.
The golden grass swayed in the breeze, resembling a golden ocean and I couldn’t help but beg Andrew to pull over so I could jump out and take pictures.

Andy, his dad, and me — Best day there!  The only change I would have made is if his mom could have made it out with us!

The Peak District not only has a breathtaking landscape, but it also has quaint towns.  Our first stop: Bakewell for the most delicious lunch and after, window shopping.
IMG_0348.JPGI loved Bakewell — It was charming and scenic, nestled next to a river which had a small bridge over it baring locks from lovers’ that placed them there.
img_0353img_0341Some of the locks had rusted and lost luster, showing the extended period of time they had been there; others appeared brand new as if they were locked moments before we arrived.  Practically all though were meticulously etched to show lovers’ names.
img_0343img_0342img_0345We did not put a lock on the bridge because Andy talked of how the locks’ weight was destroying the bridge.  I didn’t want to damage any part of Bakewell so I appreciated the bridge and the symbol the locks stood for before moving on.  Sometimes not taking part speaks more volumes . . .

Our next stop was to Castleton where we roamed the town and window shopped further.  Here, a small highlights from our day: The three of us pretending I was moving to England,  that Andy and I were going to live together, and that we needed to find a place to stay.  We began scouting real estate listings on windows, pointing to which homes we liked best, which suited us more, and which had aspects we desired.  Giggling and eyes a’glow, we got back into the car . . .

Our last stop was Matlock Bath where night began to setting in so that by the time we got out, many places had closed.
IMG_0363.JPGWe were able to skirt inside a delicious shop called F’coffee, which by the way — as a person that detests coffee, this name is incredible.  There we had yummy drinks, perfect for the chilly day.

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