Mirrors Don’t Lie

Mirrors show what we will call our imperfections, our flaws. Mirrors allow us a way to look — face-forward — at the truth, to examine ourselves, to witness ourselves change. So my mirror — Is that the truth? Or is that showing the truth of what I fear? Or is there even a difference?


My point is this: Facebook can blow up with stupid viral videos of old not-even-good movie clips with the words “Bye Felicia” and deep debates on the color of a dress, and people can bitch about our government as those running constantly say bigoted, racist remarks while still being handed a microphone . . . but practically nothing is being done to actually help anymore.

Answers, Part II

It has been three years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In the beginning, people and articles said, “Things would make more sense soon.” This filled me with more anxiety. What “things”? When was “soon”? It seemed to be a riddled threat, one I could not figure out… until now. I realize I was looking at it all wrong. The articles and people meant things — the ticking time bomb — had already gone off and that I would get answers as to why soon, now.