British Columbia’s Most Tranquil Bed and Breakfast

Canada is wild and fresh and breathtaking.  Canada is alive and vibrant and has an energy you can feel as it courses through your veins.  Canada is adventure and serenity mixed in this bundle that is hard to describe but easy to experience.  Canada is not rumored to be the words “friendly,” “open,” and “passionate” but instead it lives by these definitions.  Canada is pure freedom in the most beautiful and simple way that can only be experienced underneath those grandfather trees or by the shore when filling your lungs with air as you breathe in.  Canada is all you need and yet still finds a way to brim with the ‘more’ you only found you needed when you arrived.  But finally, Canada is also puppies in taxis and let’s be honest — Is there anything better in the world than all of this?

We Left Our Hearts in Canada: Kayaking with Whales and Wild Camping in British Columbia

When we tell people about our British Columbia kayaking with whales trip, I’m continually surprised at their response: “Surely, that didn’t happen,” they tell us through laughter. Maybe they say this because they cannot believe we both made it out of Canada — not only alive but together. I like to believe, however, that they say this as a compliment — That the only way they can fathom our magical trip is by believing I simply created the entire story . . . .

Our Travel Hell to Canada and Why You Should Never Book with Expedia

“Expedia cancelled all of your flights,” the airline representative told us the day we were supposed to travel to Canada for a week-long whale kayaking and wild camping trip. “This happens often with people that book through Expedia.  If I could say not to do one thing in the future, it would be not to book through Expedia.” And was only a glimmer of our nightmare travel due to Expedia’s mess-up.

Exploring the City that Never Sleeps: New York City, New York

Welcome to New York where people hustle on the sidewalks faster than the cars on the roads and where the sounds of horns, exhausts, advertisements, music, more explode in the air. New York, an alternate fairytale where skyscrapers are enchanted and stretch so tall that they become invisible in the clouds and where colors — loud and sharp — blur to create a vibrant energy all its own . . .