Derwent Valley, England

On the drive back from Castleton, his father darted off the main road, pulling into a park with trails leading to Lady Bower Reservoir and Derwent Reservoir.  Here, a gothic-style dam between the two reservoirs.
IMG_4592This is the site where — during World War II — the British air force practiced and tested “bouncing bombs,” or bombs that bounced against the water (like skipping stones) until they eventually sank against German dams, blowing the structures and releasing reservoir water.

There were several stairs that twisted its way to the top and gave a wonderful view.

What was even more breathtaking though was the Peak District’s forest, which we traveled through during a small walk back.  Here, the trees were old and towered over us, making me be silent to hear their creaks and groans as they leaned against the wind.
IMG_4611At the base of the trees, wild raspberry bushes grew massive and we all picked the ripe sweets to our hearts’ content, eating them greedy.
As we left the forest, there were clusters of purple lavender — the heather I’ve wished to see for so long in England.
IMG_4594IMG_4610In the end, this — the lavender, the raspberries, the forest, my heart full — this ended Day Two in the UK.

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