Gear Review: Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are the number one most important gear you need when you head out so here is my first review on my boots, Vasque’s VasqueBreeze GTX Hiking Boots.


  • I never had to break in these boots and they have never once given me a blister — from the first day I put them on to now.
  • They come up to my ankles so they have amazing ankle support.  I’m uber clumsy and have really tested hurting my ankle too but each time, these boots save me.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They fit amazingly with a good amount of toe room.
  • They are breathable and wonderful for warm hikes (though I still love them for cold hikes too!).
  • These boots do a great job at keeping my feet dry as they are advertised as waterproof.  I’ve walked through streams and not felt any water.  In comparison to other brands, mine were impressive in this aspect — In fact, when I was trekking through a massive storm with a heavy downpour, I made my friends highly jealous when my boots were dry for hours but theirs gave way to the water immediately.  Admittedly, several hours later in that downpour, mine did give way too but any boot — even ones that are said-to-be waterproof — would suffer eventually.  That’s simply because each seam in footwear means a place water can seep in.  All boots have seams.  What you want to have is a boot that prolongs water getting inside as much as possible; these boots do that.
  • These boots were even the overall staff pick at REI, which says something!



  • They are very slippy on wet rocks so much so that I have to be extremely careful.  Other brands have much better traction.
  • These are definitely for day hikes only.  The soles are not supportive enough to protect against feeling every bit of the ground so when you walk over rocks, tree limbs, more — You can feel each and every edge and lump.  Carrying a heavy backpack also increases this noticeability and therefore increases the pain.


Rating: IMG_2397IMG_2397IMG_2397 out of Five Vistas

These boots are hiking boots — not backpacking boots.  There is a big difference.  This means they are designed to support hikers on a day hike to an overnight trek.  Beyond that, if the trail is longer and there’s a heavy backpack involved, they cannot support the weight.  I’ve tried and my feet were beyond sore (I carry about forty-five pounds at times). In the end, I did not rate them lower because of this, and that is due to the fact that the boots are advertised with this information.  However, I do want to let other hikers know these details too.



Tips when tracking down your own hiking boots

  • Don’t be scared to spend money on hiking footwear.  If this is something you want to get into, hiking boots and shoes are expensive but the good ones are worth every penny.
  • Here’s a suggestion for females who want to save money: If you are around a size eight or up, check out the men’s hiking footwear.  I say this because they are many times massively cheaper.  Don’t be scared by the fact that they are men’s hiking boots or shoes either — Some are super stylish and I’ve preferred more men’s boots over females but because I wear a 6.5, there’s not a small enough size comparable.
  • Be aware of the difference between hiking boots and backpacking boots.  Are advertised this way but it can be easily overlooked.  Also, remember mesh and light-weight materials many times equates to hiking boots, not backpacking boots.  If you want to go on longer trails, you may want to consider different materials that hold up longer (such as leathers).
  • Don’t go for looks.  Top aims for me are shock absorption and waterproof (remember the less seams equal the less chance water can get in).  Also, breathable material for hot months and leather for cold months.


Happy trails!

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