Virginia’s Falling Spring Falls Hike

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The world is under quarantine due to COVID-19 so I figured in my lockdown state, I would occupy my time by catching up on writings.  This simple idea turned into a more massive undertaking though because I am behind on posts . . . mainly hiking posts . . . and, by the way, when I say ‘behind’ I mean really behind.

Maybe it is best not to focus on details and so let us start here: Virginia’s Falling Spring Falls.

True, I am calling this a ‘hike’ but to be honest there was no walk through woods or even time in wilderness, despite these misleading pictures.  In fact, it was the opposite because this waterfall is located next to a popular highway overlook in Alleghany Highlands.
IMG_9676IMG_9686Still, an about three-hour summer drive promised this beauty and truly there has been no waterfall more gorgeous.  In fact, President Thomas Jefferson was charmed by it too and said, “The only remarkable cascade in this country is that of the Falling Spring in Augusta.”  That’s a pretty big statement.

Not only was the waterfall itself mystical, but there were added extras: Below it, several emerald pools where people were seen dipping in and out before heading directly towards the cascading water.
There was also a beautiful emerald pool directly before the cliff edge . . .

IMG_9702IMG_9767and there was the ultra-impressive backdrop of the Alleghany Highlands mountains.

Know there is a story to tell behind these waterfall pictures, but for now this post will remain a visual one, which truthfully is the way a stunning eighty-foot waterfall should be shown so here goes: Let us get a little wet . . .IMG_9705IMG_9757Beside the falling water were these beautiful formations, which added to the allure . . .
IMG_9754IMG_9706IMG_9743A thick green moss clung to the cliff edge at the top . . .IMG_9730and covered the rocks at the base . . .IMG_9731and this soft green made the area more magical — as if fairies would suddenly whirl and giggle in the breeze.

Truly though, all about this cascade was impressive and breathtaking.IMG_9740
The ponds were brimming beneath the cascade and they shimmered as if luring those around in . . .
IMG_9733but we could not stay long and found ourselves roaming through the mountains once more . . .IMG_9777IMG_9782so that, too quickly, that blue — that place that feels like home — was in our rearview mirror . . .


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An update: I did research on the falls after getting a message that you cannot hike below.  First, thank you for that message because it caused me to do the following research, which I hope helps those interested in this cascade . . .

Three years ago, an article was published that discussed a power plant stealing water from the creek that feed Falling Spring Falls!  I also learned this waterfall was relocated (whether that is due to the power plant or not, I’m unsure) — Originally it was at least 400-feet tall (which explains the sheer awe President Thomas Jefferson had because of it)!

Another article discussed how this area is now private property.  However, it warned that with people going stir crazy due to COVID-19, they are flocking to national parks, forests, and more.  In fact, one person on TikTok went to the base of the falls and posted a video, which went viral and caused others to trespass their way to the bottom of the falls too.  Depending on your camera lens, where you stand at the top, and drones, you can still get great shots without going down!

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  1. Hi there! I wanted to ask you, did you go to falling spring falls in 2020? I went today and there was a big black fence and two cops blocking and prohibiting anyone from going on the trail. The cops said it is indefinite that people will no longer be able to access the falls beside the overlook on the side of the highway. If you were able to find another trail to get to the base of the falls please let me know! The falls should be shared be everyone, maybe in moderation, but not prohibited completely! Thanks!

    1. Hi, Mary! This was not a recent hike (which, embarrassingly, shows how horrible of a blogger I really am for staying on top of my hike posts)!
      When I saw your message though, I admit I did tons of research — I found two articles that were interesting. One (from three years ago) involved a power plant stealing water from the creek that feeds the falls and that the falls was relocated. (Originally, it was apparently at least 400-feet tall!). The other (in August of this year) talked about how there is apparently a video on TikTok of someone in the water below and that has brought a surge of people to the falls but officials warn that the area is private property so I bet that is what the police officers were keeping people from doing.
      I will say I also read that people are also using drones to get fantastic shots. I confess, I’m not sure on drone rules (Is this still trespassing?) but wanted to throw that out there. (I am also going to add all of this on this post so that others know so thank you for messaging!)
      I’m sorry I couldn’t help more — I agree the falls are amazing and should be shared with everyone. Happy trails xoxo
      L (and Andy)

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