Virginia’s Franklin Cliffs Hike and Camp

It’s April Fool’s Day — a time for jokes and pranks and hoaxes. A time to instill doubt, second-guesses, concern, dare I say a smidge bit of worry. A time when trusting individuals are turned to fools, and loyal individuals become tricksters. April Fool’s Day — a time when . . . let’s be honest . . . a time when Andrew proposed to me.

What I Can Rely On

This year marks a decade of me standing by my team. And that’s pretty special, pretty huge for me. But it’s not just me standing by the Red Sox; my team has stood by me. In each game of those ten years, they’ve made me want to gain more baseball knowledge than the previous year. It’s here the Red Sox taught me the most important lesson, too: Baseball is a symbol, standing for something larger. Baseball is not “just a sport.” Baseball is life.

Married Life

This past Tuesday marked James’ and my four-month wedding anniversary. Four months… meaning almost a half a year together! Half a YEAR! So many aspects in my life have changed. The way I think. The way I act. How I feel. Our present and future, colliding into one large bubbling-over life together. Married life. And it’s all so completely, wonderfully overwhelming.