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Hi, friends! This is a quick post to say we are expanding our site!

I’ve written before of how I first started this blog in 2010 — As a writer, the idea of having an online diary of sorts was appealing but I was extremely self-conscious so I never publicized or spoke of my writings. At that time, my blog was intended solely for me as a way to organize and store my memories. This became more important following my multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

It was here that my site sort of shifted — The further I went on my MS journey, the more I hoped my writings would be found by other hapless health wanderers who, like myself, needed to simply know they were not alone. While I am still dedicated to tracking my health journey, I aim for this site to be centered on my top passions of hiking, camping, backpacking, traveling, and writing about these adventures.

Flash-forward to meeting one Yorkshireman and I found a desire to no longer store past memories but to live in the present. Here, I began to share our stories — stories of me and him and our life together. Hence, my site morphed into our site in the most fluid, easy way.

Moving forward again, Andy and I purchased a 1965 Clark Cortez motorhome in 2019, and the truth is that we have been consumed in its restoration and, therefore, the stories are flowing faster than I can type. This is we are expanding our blog — particularly our Cortez information — in one of two ways . . .

First, we aim to include more information on our Cortez and on our journey with it. We have been humbled by the support, the request for guidance, and the questions we have gotten thus far, which is why we want to help more. In addition to our stories (our blog section) and videos (our YouTube channel or vlog section), we also want to provide specifics. Therefore, we have spotlighted our three milestones: vintage RV restoration, RV build, and RV life.

You’ll also be able to find these milestones directly from the menu and by clicking on Our 1965 Clark Cortez tab.

Being that we are in our first milestone with our restoration, we have broken this phase into four parts: mechanical, electrical, bodywork, and hardware and tools.

Inside of each category, subcategories can be found filled with part and/or item information, including part and/or item numbers, quantities, and costs. Further, we also hope to chuck each subcategory full of guides that can assist others interested in accomplishing similar dreams.

On the topic of these guides, this is where our site will expand in the second way. While I am learning a wealth of information on vehicles from Andy, I struggle to type guides to help others. This is where Andy comes in: As my mechanic, it makes sense that he will now be tackling the majority of our guides for all interested in the how-tos or whys on vehicle restorations, modernizations, and customizations. Not only this, but he will also fill these guide-posts with illustrations so keep an eye out for those artistic drawings.

Saying that, I asked Andy if he wanted to take a moment to say hello before he starts writing because, let’s be honest, your impression of him has solely been through my eyes so this message is from my Brit:

Ey up! You’ve probably read about me or seen me on our YouTube channel, but I am the Yorkshire half of Soul of a Seeker. And, although I am in fact English, the written language of English is L’s speciality — I’d never even heard of an Oxford comma before L told me about them (I know every person who went to the same school as me is now Googling what the hell an Oxford comma is). I write a lot more informally than L and I enjoy a bit of banter (as the English do) so hopefully along the way some of my posts will brighten your day.


So there you have it — While my informal, Oxford-comma disbeliever writes and illustrates, I am hoping to get back to the stories behind our adventures because those stories are what motivate and fuel me as I believe stories are all we have to maintain connections in this world.

Andy’s first post will be coming soon — It is on a topic talked about often regarding whether drum-to-disc-brake conversions are worth it — so if you can stop in to read his first piece and welcome him by leaving a comment, it would mean a large amount to us both.

In the end, we cannot thank you enough for the support on all of our accounts — We maintain a highlight of our Cortez overhaul is connecting with like-minded people.

Talk to you soon!

L (and Andy)

Author: L

Hi there! I am the impulsive do-er, the jumper, the one tugging to move past comfort zones to embrace a life of sheer surprise. I am a writer -- a pursuer of stories -- because I believe in the destination over the journey. I am a chaser of sunrises and sunsets and cherisher of the moments between. I have an overwhelming curiosity, an insatiable desire travel, and an obsessive yearn to turn dreams into realities. For all of these reasons, the word that best summarizes who I am is "seeker" -- I am forever a seeker.

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    1. Thanks so much, Pam!
      hahaha The Oxford comma is the most important comma in use . . . or at least that’s what I will say! Maybe one day when we meet, I can bore you on all Oxford comma talks!

  1. Wow.! This sounds an exciting new area. Looking forward to reading.!! PS, when you get a chance you’ll have to enlighten me about “Oxford Commas’. Midad. xx.

    1. Challenge accepted, midad! I’d love to tell you all about the Oxford comma — It is do or die decision to use one and in the end, our conversation may be longer than you desire haha

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