A Breakdown of Costs for Our Cortez’s Overhaul

When we first got our 1965 Clark Cortez, we promised to be open and honest about costs.  While it feels a bit odd to show how much we’ve paid for our motorhome and aspects of it, we also are very aware that this 
information is hard to come by and that few people were willing to be upfront about their costs.  Because of this, prices for aspects like its braking system, suspension, body panels, and glass still perplex us and we will be the first to admit we exactly aren’t sure how much these will be.  But we also know costs are relative — What you would and wouldn’t pay for may be the opposite of what someone else would and wouldn’t pay for.  In fact, when we began researching Cortezes, some people said they would never pay over $7,000 for it . . . while others said $7,000 is a steal . . . and still more admitted they would gladly pay any price to own one.

So without further adieu, here is every Cortez purchase and the price associated with it.  Know in advance this list will continue to be updated in hopes of helping others and raising awareness in RV renovations so feel free to visit again.

ItemPart NumberPrice
GRAND TOTAL$11,710.44
1965 Clark Cortez------------------$7,500.00
Shipping from California to Virginia------------------$3,800.00
Spare keys and key ring------------------$10.84
Starter motorDL3251S$69.00
Battery cable (negative)DT415B$7.99
Battery cable781169$17.99
Battery cable connector728039$2.69
Wheel cylinder (front driver and passenger sides; X 2)33541$46.98
Wheel cylinder (rear driver and passenger sides; X 2)33003$46.98
Brake shoes (front driver's and passenger's sides)TS TS33$21.99
Brake linePAX-451 $7.99
Brake unionBLU-4C$2.69
Brake fluid (X 4)AS401Y$27.98
Brake bleeder kitBK 7769038$6.69
Caliper paintBCP102$8.99
Engine oil10-40-5QT$29.99
Engine oil filterS16$4.99
Engine oil drain plug653056$3.29
Tools (tube bender pliers, double flaring tool)------------------$46.98
Cleaning supplies
(brush, towels, fuel cleaner, degreaser, brake
cleaners, grease, PB blaster)
Miscellaneous (tarp)------------------$6.98

Note: The brake line and compression union should not be needed; we had to purchase these because of an error in fitting our brake cylinder.

All of these expenses, of course, feed into our overall goal: to refurbish, modernize, and customize our motorhome before traveling in it.  For more information on our overall work, visit Our Cortez’s Master Plan. Here, we discuss the nitty-gritty details on work to our fifty-four-year-old vehicle. Oh and for immediate news such as what we’ve finished and what we are doing next, visit To Our Timeline and to Beyond!  Also know all of this will be continuously updated so stop back in for the latest!


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  1. Hello,

    I too am interested in renovating a Cortez, leaning more towards the Kent Cortez as I like the side door. It would be a project I would take on in the next five years, then travel with my dog Lucy (Malinois/Shepherd Mix so great watchdog/guard dog as well). I am sure you know about this resource, http://cortezcoach.com/ but putting it here just in case you do not know of it. Please document the parts/processes you use to repair or replace parts. If I ever take on this project, I would be having some mechanic friends of mine do the work. I work for a company that makes welding equipment, in case you ever have welding questions, some of my co-workers might have insight on that.

    1. Hi, Colleen! Good to hear from you and keep us posted if you get a Kent! That’s really exciting and I completely agree with you about the side door. Also your dog Lucy sounds like a sweetheart — I’d love to see a picture of her so if you wanted to share, feel free to email us at 2people1soulofaseeker@gmail.com. When we do take to the road, we’ll have our dog and cat with us too so I hope they enjoy it!
      Thank you for the information on the CortezCoach — We did know about that site and found another site called Curbside Classic that has great information on the history of the Clark Cortez. We will definitely continue to document the parts and process — We have a bit more on our process video-wise on our YouTube channel too and would love it if you subscribed!
      Lastly, *great* information about welding — We may be taking you up on that offer!
      Thank you so much again for stopping in and writing!

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