An Overview on Progress for Our Cortez Overhaul

In an effort to document our Cortez overhaul progress, here is a breakdown of work we have completed per month and what is to come in the months ahead.


September 2019

No work in November?! We were investigating what was next and ordering parts!

December 2019

  • Battery replaced.
  • Interior removed.

January 2020

  • Carburetor hoses replaced.
  • Anti-roll bar bushings replaced.
  • Suspension bushings re-greased.

Februrary 2020

  • Transmission oil changed.

March 2020

  • Insulation removed — Full protection necessary!
  • Plumbing, heating, and electrical systems removed.
  • Cork flooring removed — We have beautiful wood floors!

April through July 2020

  • Interior underseal and rust removed — Our first look at the condition of the metal and we have rust and holes!
  • Tachometer installed — A first for our Cortez!

August 2020

  • Interior underseal that our angle grinders could not reach removed.
  • Mechanical fuel pump replaced (and two extra unneeded electronic fuel pumps removed).
  • Fuel filter installed.
  • Roof stripped — Let’s get this baby prepped for welding and being water-tight!

September 2020

  • Welder hired — Our first professional help comes from RVA Mobile Welding Services and he is fantastic!
  • New frame supports welded — Six had rusted so severely they were not holding up our roof!
  • Rear storage compartment floor to be welded.
  • Roof holes covered with new metal panels and welded in.
  • Roof rust treated.
  • Roof sealed — A combination of body filler, sealant, and RV roof coating go us there but it looks rough so we now need to correct it!

No work in October?! We were investigating what was next and ordering parts!

November 2020

  • Carburetor rebuilt — Andy rebuilt the carb on his own and bossed it!
  • Intake manifold and valve cover cleaned; new gaskets installed.
  • Thermostat changed.
  • Fuel tank treated (first attempt).

December 2020

  • Clutch master and slave cylinders replaced.
  • Clutch lines replaced.
  • Clutch fluid bled.

January 2021

  • Mudflaps created and installed — Sometimes we just want a fun, easy job!

February 2021

  • Fuel tank welded.
  • Fuel tank treated (second attempt) — Our fuel tank is now cleaned, prepped, sealed, and reinstalled!

No work in March?! We were investigating what was next and ordering parts!

April 2021

  • Wet and dry engine compression test completed — Our steel beast’s heart is super healthy!
  • Spark plugs to be replaced.
  • Engine belts to be replaced.


Short Haul/Vintage RV Restoration

(We are aiming to complete our mechanical restoration this June!)

  • Our Cortez needs a name — Leave us a comment to give us ideas!
  • YouTube channel introduction video to be created — Stop by and subscribe to more progress on our steel beast!
  • Passenger’s side upper ball joint to be replaced.
  • Brake hydrovac unit to be serviced.
  • Engine to be flushed.
  • Engine oil pump to be serviced or replaced.
  • Engine valve stem seals to be replaced.
  • Coolant to be flushed and changed.
  • Water heater lines to be removed.
  • Battery box area to be fabricated and welded.
  • Interior holes to be welded — Several wheel well and seat platform holes need to be covered!
  • Front shock absorbers to be replaced.
  • Torsion bars to be adjusted or upgraded.

Long Haul/RV build

  • Start to RV build!
  • Lay-out to be designed.
  • Electronic fuel conversion to be done.
  • Engine cover to be fabricated/welded — Cannot wait to soundproof the engine bay!
  • Interior safe to be installed or welded in.
  • Solar brackets and roof-deck supports to be welded.
  • Exterior body damage to be welded — Areas around the grill, front passenger corner, rear passenger panel, and bumper are all damaged.
  • Interior twin floors to be lifted — Who knows what awaits underneath!
  • Chassis to be cleaned and painted.
  • Floor to be insulated.
  • Interior metal to be cleaned, rust treated, and painted.
  • Interior to be soundproofed and insulated.
  • Exterior lights, dash, and engine electrical systems to be rewired.
  • Headlights, brake lights, tail lights, and reverse lights to be updated.
  • Additional fog lights to be installed.
  • Interior living and solar electrical systems to be designed and installed.
  • Heat and air conditioning system to be designed and installed.
  • Water system to be designed and installed.
  • Interior to be built — Finally we get to create our home!
  • Exterior lockable storage to be installed — Tools, spare parts, and recreational equipment will have a home!
  • Driver and passenger front seats cleaned and reinstalled.
  • Cracked glass to be removed, rust around the glass to be treated, window seals to be replaced, then glass to be reinstalled.
  • State registration to be made — Yay!
  • Ladder to be installed.
  • Roof coating to be repaired.
  • Roof-top deck to be installed.
  • Exterior to be painted — Leave us a comment and let us know what color you vote!
  • Interior furnished — Finally our Cortez looks like home!
  • New door seals to be fit.
  • Rims and tires to be upgraded and cover for spare tire to be purchased.
  • Exterior mirrors to be installed.
  • Chrome to be polished.
  • RV build and upgrades finished — We are hoping to finish in the estimated year of 2022! After that, we plan to save money for a year before starting RV life!

Hopeful Plans

  • New timing chain possibly replaced.
  • Brake master cylinder possibly replaced.
  • Radiator possibly upgraded.
  • Oil cooler possibly installed.
  • Engine possibly overhauled.
  • Awning possibly installed.
  • Exhaust system possibly fabricated.
  • Recovery winch possibly purchased.


Author: Soul of a Seeker

We are one American girl and one English bloke who seek an escape in nature. We chase a different life, one not dictated by society. With our pup-kit-cat and rare 1965 Clark Cortez motorhome, we have one soul of a seeker.

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