An Overview on Progress for Our Cortez Overhaul

In an effort to document our Cortez overhaul progress, here is a breakdown of work we have completed per month and what is to come in the months ahead.

Work We Have Achieved Thus Far

↠ SEPTEMBER 2019 ↞

  • Alternator replaced.
  • Fuel filler neck fabricated.

↠ OCTOBER 2019 ↞

  • Windshield wiper blades, jets, and fluid bottle replaced.
  • Exterior light wiring corrected — All exterior lights work!
  • Air filter box fabricated.
  • Air filter replaced.

No work in November?! We were investigating what was next and ordering parts!

↠ DECEMBER 2019 ↞

  • Battery replaced.
  • Interior removed.

↠ JANUARY 2020 ↞

  • Carburetor hoses replaced.
  • Anti-roll bar bushings replaced.
  • Suspension bushings replaced.

↠ FEBRUARY 2020 ↞

  • Transmission oil changed.

↠ MARCH 2020 ↞

  • Insulation removed — Full protection necessary!
  • Plumbing, heating, and electrical systems removed.
  • Cork flooring removed — We have beautiful wood floors!

↠ APRIL 2020 ↞

  • Interior underseal removed — Our first look at the condition of the metal and we have found rust and holes!

Work We Have Planned Ahead


  • Sand the interior metal.
  • Treat the interior metal rust.
  • Paint the interior metal.
  • Lift one of the twin floors — Who knows what awaits under our interior floor!
  • Replace the passenger’s side upper ball joint.


  • Treat the roof rust and reseal the roof.
  • Replace and rewire all electrical aspects.
  • Investigate the water, heat, and air conditioning systems.
  • Build inside.
  • Investigate the suspension in order to raise the Cortez.
  • Rebuild the engine then give it a a full service.
  • Flush and change the coolant and change the thermostat.
  • Investigate the exhaust system.
  • Treat the rim rust and paint the rims.
  • Paint the exterior of the Cortez.
  • Remove our cracked glass, treat the rust around the glass, replace all window seals, then reinstall all glass.
  • Fit new door seals.
  • Get a state inspection — Finally!

We also have updates on our YouTube and Instagram accounts where you can subscribe and follow our adventure there too!

Author: Soul of a Seeker

We are one American girl and one English bloke who seek an escape in nature. We chase a different life, one not dictated by society. With our pup-kit-cat and rare 1965 Clark Cortez motorhome, we have one soul of a seeker.

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