Virginia’s Dark Hollow Falls Hike

Sometimes hikes can be short and sweet such as the one at Dark Hollow Falls in Shenandoah National Park:

  • Around seven miles, if starting with the Rose River Falls (which, why would you not?)
  • 564-foot elevation gain
  • Level Three of Five difficulty

Andy and I found ourselves venturing to another waterfall due to my desire to increase my photography skills.  Because of this though I did not want to take on a new trail.  Fact about me: I can put up quite a fuss when it comes to re-hiking trails.  I don’t know why either because I’ll admit — It is absurd not to venture back to such beautiful places.  However, in the four years since I’ve started hiking, I’ve only re-hiked six trails:

  • Franklin Cliffs and Hawksbill Mountain because this is where Andrew sneakily wanted to get me so that he could propose.
  • Crabtree Falls simply because we amped up our hike to include a camp on our venture up to Spy Rock.
  • Humpback Rocks, which I don’t necessarily count because the first time I did this trail it was so long ago that I do not actually remember.
  • James River and Belle Isle hikes because they are a great occassional change from treacherous mountain climbs.
  • Jones River/Doyles Run to test video-ing (Is that even a word?) our hikes for our YouTube channel, which we are still unsure if we want to incorporate our wilderness escapades there so leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!
  • And now the sixth re-hike trail goes back to Three Falls where at maximum Andrew and I were almost killed earlier . . . but at minimum Andrew got in trouble with the law earlier.

Anyway, I suppose knowing I feel I have only scratched the surface on Virginia hikes is pretty impressive and boasts of the state’s amazing trails.  However, instead of searching for a new one to conquer, this day Andrew and I set off for Dark Hollow Falls’ seventy-foot waterfall.Here, a series of waterfalls drop onto greenstone that is supposedly from a long-ago lava flow.  True to summer, the area was packed with people when we went — which this picture does not show because Andrew was patient with me as I was patient with everyone else so that I could get this one long exposure snap.

Short story even shorter: If you are wandering which of the three waterfalls is best in Three Falls hike, I vote Dark Hollow every time for its height and beauty.


Oh and speaking of beautiful, when we were leaving, this little deer was right beside our car so I was able to snap a few pictures of her as we slowly slid out of the park!

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